Potted Plants-Double Your Wedding Favors as Escort Cards

Potted plants make adorable wedding favors! Which can be symbol of love, joy, longevity of love; eco-friendly and wallet- friendly when budget get tights can solve the two problems with one just potted plant or any other mini-plants. Double them as your escort cards!! It will be much lovelier because you release your wedding partners’ task because they may be tearing their hair out if they have 20 minutes to sort through 200 names in haphazard order while guests start streaming in. Not good! Choose to use a colorful plant with a plain terra cotta pot or use a green plant and dress it up. Fabric, ribbon, flags and tags… choose details that will tie in with the design of your event! Your guests will bring the favors back home and keep them for a very long time. Therefore those potted plants will be your best choices as wedding favors.I googled some sample pictutures for your reference.


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