Colorful Bridesmaids for A Rainbow Wedding

For a chic and unique wedding, rainbow theme wedding has on the cutting edge of latest wedding trend in 2013. It is dynamic, colorful, natural and unforgettable for people. There are many things we can do to contribute to the amazing gathering, dresses, decoration, food, ventures, and flowers. As people tends to choose romantic, classic, vintage or lovely dresses, therefore white color will be the main choice for the bride unless she really wants some big difference. So normally using apparels for a rainbow wedding will demonstrate more on the bridesmaids or the grooms. You can make your bridesmaids wear a different color and each had a different bouquet of rainbow florals. ‘Go bold or go home. You can’t go ‘half rainbow’ and get away with it – it’s all or nothing.” That’s words from a lovely blogger, you have to keep it in mind if you seriously wan t a rainbow wedding. As usual, I googled some fantastic pictures of rainbow bridesmaids. Hope you can get some inspirations from them and I will post more for a rainbw wedding. PS.I have no rights for the pictures unless I stated.
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Adorable idea for the leggings-austinweddingblog


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