Sunday, May 19, 2013

Will You Wear Bridal Garter on Your Big Day

Although treating as an old tradition and seeming that too much changes occurs for time being, bridal garter still matters  in a wedding no matter as a part of art of the reception festivities or for some touch of sexiness on wedding night. as traditional, the bridal garter will  conventionally on the left thigh, or even lower cuz that if you are planning removing it on your wedding reception, then there must me some older guests may think it offensive or your bride may feel awkward if she has to explode to much of her flesh. Of course, you can raise one for the wedding night. unlike the bold tradition, removeing bridal garter now  has evolved into a much more couth practice that brings little more than a blush and good-natured ribbing. Once the groom has removed the garter, the bride is to remain seated. The groom may tease the guys with the garter by twirling it in his hand for all to see his trophy. He then slings the garter toward all of bachelors who hope to catch the garter, a symbol of good luck and fertility.
So will you wear garter on your big day?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Several Short Hairstyles for Bohemian or Vintage Bridea

Seems that long hair's always easier to make hairstyles as they can be designed and changed in many ways, but shorts are not. cuase it's hard to make too many changed for curls or other hair accessories. but if you are wearing short hair, take it easy, make full use of accessories, like headpieces, flowers head-crowns, lace hairpins and many many others. try and success!!!  

Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Backstage of Chanel Pre-Fall 2013

It's been some time when  Chanel revealed a new collection for Pre-Fall 2013 at their annual M├ętiers d’Art show, which celebrates the craft of the Chanel ateliers.Coco Chanel discovered Scotland’s superior yarns and fabrics during her fishing sojourns with the Duke of Westminster on his Highlands estate. The romance didn’t last but Chanel’s fondness for tweed and plaid did, signatures designer Karl Lagerfeld has long played on but never in such a forthright way.Though many of the looks in this collection might feel too costumey and like a travel back to more regal days, there are plenty of beautiful pieces that I wouldn’t mind wearing as we speak, that gorgeous coat worn by Stella Tennant for instance, or the dreamy black dress above, hand them over here now! You guys may have already watched too many times of those amazing creations on runway, but here are the amazing photographs on backstage of that show. of course, if you got them before, just re-appreciate them again, classic never fades away.  

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Keira Knightley's Cute Wedding Dress

Keira Knightley is married with with her Klaxons boyfriend James Righton!!! Our amazing Ms Knightley is   low-key as usual in a suspicious recycled strapless ballerina-style gown teamed with  a Chanel jacket, a pair of Ray Bans and flat ballerina pumps, instead of a custom-made Vera Wang dress, as is the celeb norm. I love her, every role she acted especially the Pride and Prejudice - Elizabeth Bennet. she tied the knot in front of just 11 people, allowed her guests to wear flip flops and wore simple ballet flats rather than bejewelled Jimmy Choos like your average bridezilla. She even turned up at ceremony in a Renault Clio. ‘It was a very moving ceremony,’ said an onlooker. ‘Keira looked extremely moved by the whole thing – there were certainly tears of happiness. Congrats on her!!!
My favorite Ms Knightley.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Nice Pictures of Beatles

I know this set of pictures has nothing to do with the wedding theme, but I also know that how much we love them.forever Beatles. that why I want to share them here when I saw them.