Will You Wear Bridal Garter on Your Big Day

Although treating as an old tradition and seeming that too much changes occurs for time being, bridal garter still matters  in a wedding no matter as a part of art of the reception festivities or for some touch of sexiness on wedding night. as traditional, the bridal garter will  conventionally on the left thigh, or even lower cuz that if you are planning removing it on your wedding reception, then there must me some older guests may think it offensive or your bride may feel awkward if she has to explode to much of her flesh. Of course, you can raise one for the wedding night. unlike the bold tradition, removeing bridal garter now  has evolved into a much more couth practice that brings little more than a blush and good-natured ribbing. Once the groom has removed the garter, the bride is to remain seated. The groom may tease the guys with the garter by twirling it in his hand for all to see his trophy. He then slings the garter toward all of bachelors who hope to catch the garter, a symbol of good luck and fertility.
So will you wear garter on your big day?


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