Keira Knightley's Cute Wedding Dress

Keira Knightley is married with with her Klaxons boyfriend James Righton!!! Our amazing Ms Knightley is   low-key as usual in a suspicious recycled strapless ballerina-style gown teamed with  a Chanel jacket, a pair of Ray Bans and flat ballerina pumps, instead of a custom-made Vera Wang dress, as is the celeb norm. I love her, every role she acted especially the Pride and Prejudice - Elizabeth Bennet. she tied the knot in front of just 11 people, allowed her guests to wear flip flops and wore simple ballet flats rather than bejewelled Jimmy Choos like your average bridezilla. She even turned up at ceremony in a Renault Clio. ‘It was a very moving ceremony,’ said an onlooker. ‘Keira looked extremely moved by the whole thing – there were certainly tears of happiness. Congrats on her!!!
My favorite Ms Knightley.


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