Sunday, November 24, 2013

get some inspiration for winter weddings

Although most of brides will want to be married in the fresh and warmth of spring and summer including me , but I believe their must be many brides choose to be married in snowy days, white snow, iced decorations and special backgrounds. I can’t bear cold weather. Cheer up, honey, winter wedding can be another amazing choice for you. Especially for those budgets conscious brides because everything you need for a wedding will have discounted rates for the not popular months of Jan – March. Lots of vendors + venues. And you don’t have to wait another just to book an ideal photographer/designer/venue you truly love. But it will be more than cold for a winter bride, it will be worthwhile Here are some of our favorite winter weddings to inspire you to consider making the "most wonderful time of the year" even better!
 1. photographer Jenny Haas
 4. shoot by Love is a Big Deal 
 5. Photos By:Jennifer Eileen

Saturday, November 16, 2013

How about Wear Red on Your Wedding

I love fun shoes – and these fuchsia ones add just the perfect pop of color! Photographer Ashleigh Jayne sent over this darling day after session she photographed in New Orleans, Louisiana. From Ashleigh, I loved the feel + mood of this shoot with it being in the heart of New Orleans and absolutely adored how the bride’s style fit New Orleans so well.
Those words above were from a lovely wedding bloggers which I can't agree more with her words "I love fun shoes' .I know red are not conventional color in western world which is compeletly different with tradition in china. we love red color in all happy events. but when I set up this theme and I googled on the internet, I found that red are not common color, but it absolutely bright up an event especially on a wedding. so I dear btides to be, cheer up with these lovely wedding shoes, may be some of them will the one you want on your big day. as usual, i fet all pics from internet and i have no right for them. I'll try my best to mark where they come from from next post me. forgive me and thanks to all the bloggers and phtographers who provides those photos and may happy to all those brides. 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Gold Ribbon and Beading Backless Wedding Dress

I was surprised that so many brides are interested in the  Gold Ribbon and Beading Backless Wedding Dress i posted in the post Some Backless Wedding Dresses (1).
sorry that i didn't figure out that where i get it  as i just googled it on internet. but i found a similar one which i;m not sure, but hope this can be helpful .I;m not make profit from this recommendation, just try to be helpful. here's the product image on SHAREEN which named Erika

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Long Veils for Vintage Wedding or More Style Wedding

In old days, brides wear veils on wedding cause they don;t want the grooms to see her before wedding which are specially important in traditional chineses wedding. but nowadays, many brides still to choose full veils for some religious reasons or more styles like vintage wedding. have you ever consider wearing long veils on your big day? if i have the chance, i think i would like to have a try, i love that kind of beauty so much. some pictures I Google from some blogs, if you have the source of where the pictures originally came from, you will be highly appreciated to state them out on the comments 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Take Macaron Be Your Wedding Favors Must Be Very Sweetie

It's been about half month since my last post as I was busy with my work and indeed have no ideal about what to blog. I get inspiration when have a little afternoon time with my friends, the sparkle is how about take Macaron as wedding favors, which are sweet, romantic and very lovely.  It has a little crispness of the shell initially gave way to a soft, melt in your mouth inner texture that moisturized by a layer of creamy and rich ganache or butter cream.They’re delicious and completely adorable and can be packaged and presented in so many ways.  so why shouldn't you make them your wedding favors,especially when you already a super macaron fan.  there would never be too much sweets on big day.if you haven't make your decision on go-to-favor, check the amazing pictures below which i believed are from some real wedding. Maybe new business will go to the bakery nearby--Macaron orders.
PS:I don't have any copyrights to these pictures,I know I should state their original source, but forgive lazy me.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

How To Use Succulent in Your Wedding

For time being, wedding is no more just fragrant flowers, some fresh little green plants have become more and more popular, among which succulents are definitely the hottest. More and more wedding planners show their affectations to the succulents on wedding boutique, décor and many other ways. Today I gonna share the most typical way of using them on a wedding.
1.Wedding boutiques
2.Wedding boutonniere
3.Décors or centerpieces
5.       Bride’s hair flower
6. Table settings
7. Wedding cake decorations

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Another Wedding Cake Trend-Naked Wedding Cakes

Definitely we love traditional frosting cakes, those classic white wedding cakes. but it doesn't mean none of us will try some other totally different cakes on big day.Naked wedding cake, or uniced cakes, someone also calls it bare's charming and whimsical, and perfect for DIY brides looking to bake their own wedding cake. For decoration, just add flowers, fruit, dripped icing, or succulents, plus anything else that might fit in with your wedding theme.