Take Macaron Be Your Wedding Favors Must Be Very Sweetie

It's been about half month since my last post as I was busy with my work and indeed have no ideal about what to blog. I get inspiration when have a little afternoon time with my friends, the sparkle is how about take Macaron as wedding favors, which are sweet, romantic and very lovely.  It has a little crispness of the shell initially gave way to a soft, melt in your mouth inner texture that moisturized by a layer of creamy and rich ganache or butter cream.They’re delicious and completely adorable and can be packaged and presented in so many ways.  so why shouldn't you make them your wedding favors,especially when you already a super macaron fan.  there would never be too much sweets on big day.if you haven't make your decision on go-to-favor, check the amazing pictures below which i believed are from some real wedding. Maybe new business will go to the bakery nearby--Macaron orders.
PS:I don't have any copyrights to these pictures,I know I should state their original source, but forgive lazy me.


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