Side Parted Swept wavy Wedding Curls 2013

For the just past 70th annual 2013 Golden Globes held at The Beverly Hilton which has already brought last glory old Hollywood glamour that night, the bump-up for great business to those brands of  high profile dresses which were extremely shown their beauty by the all the leading ladies at the Golden Globes. Besides those, it’s easy for us to notice something in common, the hairstyle the side parted, swept, wavy, curly hair.Megan fox, there is no doubt that it’s her signature hairstyle, Amy Adams, Heidi Klum, Jennifer Lopez  and other glory celebrities.

So let you hair down, it would never go out of fashion especially if you have great long beautiful curls. Side parted, swept, wavy, curls will absolutely a new trend in 2013 wedding hairstyles which is natural, romantic and feminine in your big day.  Some hair accessories can add more additional fashion for you.
 Little simple but elegant hair pin will be of great help.
  a large flower pinned to one side
With nothing on hair is amazing either.
Flora crown is quire match-up for a bohemian or natural wedding 
Yes- headband, no matter it's flora or a lace and rhinestone one.
All the pictures are from and if you are interested in this hairsyle, you can checkthe bottom of the page, there is a video about  How To Do: Wavy Hair Inspired by Megan Fox


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