Wedding Dresses from Grandma

I have no idea about the inheritance of wedding dresses from mother, grandma, or even grandma's grandma until I came to know them on so many movies. It's such a lovely and touching thing even there may me some change during such a long time. think about it, you walk through the aisle in the dress given by your grandma with her precious blessing, it's so holy and happy. It's a pity we do not have the tradition in china. who knows, maybe my grandma has some other gifts for me on my wedding. lol.I got some amazing photos online, I'll bet you may have the impulse to find out some of your old family album.
Katie's Grandma Jarvis Wedding Photo
Katie's grandam and Katie cutting cakes at wedding

Mrs Moonbeam's grandma and mother in the same wedding dresses
Inky's grandma's and mother's wedding dresses in Cuba
the wedding dresses of the owner of  simplyallisblog's great grandmother


The album is showing the old wedding trends. Albums are really great way to keep the momentous events alive.
echo huang said…
yeah, glad you guys have the tradition to keep them

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