DIY Glass Bottle Candles for A Wedding

Glass bottle candles made from recycled glass bottles may sound a great idea for those DIY brides for a sparkle wedding or almost any kind of casual, outdoor occasion. This rustic charm will make a wedding more romantic and eco-friendly. I borrowed vase experience from those great DIYers online and compose the following instruction for making glass bottle wedding candles. You can googled many others tutorials.

What you may needed:

1.       Glass bottles (with groove or lips if you want to hang them)-mason jars, milk bottles, beer bottles etc.  

2.       20-Gauge wire and wire cutters, Needle-nose pliers as well

3.       Put together decorations you needed like lace, bows, beads…

4.       Votive candles

Then let’s begin our DIY hanging candles
1.       Prepare your jars well and decorated them lovely if you wanted or just keep them perfectly transparent.
2.       Make the hangers with two pieces of wires and twist a hoop at the end off each wire in order to fix the bottle. And twist them together on the top to finish a U shape. Or you can manage the hangers with one wire you can curl them well.
3.    Wrap the wire around the jar, just under the lip or groove of the jar where the lid would normally

4. Fix the bottles with the U shape hoop before and try your best to make sure the hoops are parallel to the sides of the jar.

5.   Put the Votive candles in the bottle and hang them on the supports where you wanted.
6.    Make sure the never leave those candle unattended.


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