An Easy to Made Potato Salad

As Chinese, many people almost do not make salad, like my mom who is good at making almost every kind of Chinese dishes ,like Kung Pao Chicken, fish flavored pork slices even hot pot. But she has never made any salad. I love cooking but I’m not good at, at least I’m trying. That’s also the reason why I only capable of making those very easy to handle dishes, lol. That’s why I have this easy to made potato salad, maybe you can give me some advices cause I’m a bad cook.


1.     One or two potatoes (Mash them after cooked)

2.     Salad sauce I bought  from Carrefour

3.     Some pickle cucumber (diced them)

4.     Two eggs(diced them after cooked)

5.     Cherry tomatoes(I'm not sure it is the right name in English)

6.     Several peas for decoration

 Then comes the dishes which taste quite delicious. I was thinking maybe it’s a good choice for a budget wedding reception cuase it really coats little, of course you have to find a better chief.

Echo's Homemade Salad


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