Choose and Well Present Your Wedding Food

Preparing a wedding maybe difficult even you have been dreaming about the moment thousands of times in your mind cuz there so many odds and ends involved which will probably drive you crazy. However food is such an important part in a wedding to make your guests enjoy a fantastic time. It’s easily to impress them for yummy food besides those regular parts of a wedding such as the amazing venues, gorgeous bride and groom….

As to wedding food, the two main ways to arrange them are setting by caters or preparing food yourself. For setting by caters, wedding taste plays great role which means not only tasting the food and check the menu, but also means building good relationship with your caters which may surprise u with perfect harmony between look and flavor of your wedding food.

If u decide to prepare your food yourself which means you have to spend more on the preparation. You also need to make the menu according to the venue and guest amount which may not too much and prepare the food needed. There are some normal preparations for weddings such as Bbq ribs, Fried chicken, Salad bar, Fruit bowl, Tuna noodle salad, Bakes lasagna. Garlic bread, Corn casserole. Cheddar bread cheese crackers and meat, Open bar… there are still more need consideration. You can find more online suggestion.

No matter which one you choose, you should keep one thing in mind that all the food should be well presented both on the color and arrangement. Color palettes have a strong impact on the visual effect of your food; always try to give the right attention to the style of your dishes, desserts, cakes. Well arrangement of food will be easier to make your gusts enjoy more even he hates the damn chicken breast with a side of potatoes & veggies. They will find the difference and creativeness.
 Cheesecake Pops  pinned by Meghan LaMount and Watermelon, salt and chilli granita by Michelle DuPuis
Wedding by Chloe Simpson
Wedding Ideas by Brooke Ready


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