Will You Wear Redlip on Wedding Day

Have u ever considered wearing red lips on your wedding day instead of be “NATURAL” on your lips? There are not enough brides who will dare to try that cuz most of them will try more safer way for their makeups as that’s really such a big day for them, they have to make sure everything run seamlessly and less challenge, less accident. However red lip is such a good choice more than just on the red carpet for celebrities,  
Although red lips are always appearing on those retro shots or makeups, they are classic, glamorous and which have stood the test of time and will never go out of fashion. They can go very well with your gorgeous lace or silk dresses, your pearls and other bride-look essentialities. If u wanna try the hot look, then make sure everything be well prepared and you can find many guidance online. Just keep in mind, stay hot, stay happy, stay chic.

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Karen Cheung said…
I'd like to have a try ahhaha

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