A Dream about Wedding

When I was a little girl, all the memory about wedding occasions impressed me so much that I show great enthusiasm on various wedding around the word with the day gone. It is such a great memory t witness someone’s happy ending and shares them with people around u which is actually amazing happiness transference.

In the last winter, I was so lucky to attend the wedding of my dear sister, as traditional Chinese wedding which becomes more precious as more and more young people choose to have a western style wedding. From that day on, an idea occurs to me that I want to open a blog which will share the all stuffs about wedding covering all the style around the world, wedding dresses, rings, shoes, wedding hair style, and ceremony. Yes, that’s what I love, maybe my shabby words are not able to covers the splendid moments and can’t be accepted by some of you, but that’s what I love it and what I’m approaching , so hope this will be a honest place and helpful tips for someone coming across this site. 


Tina Wu said…
wedding is a perfect dream for every girl. this special occassion must be as fantastic as a fairytale. i really appreciate your share about wedding. looking forward more topics and blogs of you :).
Diina-Maria said…
Oh i really love your blog and I love weddings <3

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