Happy Happy Spring Festival (1)

Yes, today it’s lunar New Year in China, which may be familiar to you as Spring Festival-the most important gala for Chinese people.  For this gala, people will try their best to back to home spending the great time with families no matter how fat they are and how hard for them to get the time, just because it Spring Festive, a time means happiness, blessing and together or family reunion. I’ll share you what we will do on spring festival's eve which is the great part of the whole Spring Festival. Customs will differ with others as china is such a big country and have so many peoples, therefore there are various traditions and I just share what people in the little town will do. If you are curious about what I said you can leave me a message or go to the china town nearby. People will always wish everyone meet a happy New Year by saying "guo nian hao”. So Happy New Year and “guo nian hao” everyone!
On the eve of the Spring Festival, every household will paste on doors a spring couplet written on red paper to give a happy and prosperous atmosphere of the Festival
Our Chinese people play firecrackers during the festival
The tradition of having jiaozi or dumpings is very important during the Spring Festival


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