Green Centerpiece for A Eco-friendly Wedding

For a wedding party, choosing green centerpiece, always means the couple are pursuing a eco-friendly, vibrant hue, balance and harmony. When planning a green centerpiece, there are some materials which will be good choices and convey the theme very well, like recycled or organic materials. Fertility, nature, and good fortune are just three of the many meanings the color green conveys. So just take this for reference though can find more on other sites.

Fruits and flowers- the present of nature
What can conveys more of the green theme than what are original from nature, therefore fruits, fresh flowers, potted plants and whatever form the forest or gardening can be used as materials of your centerpiece. When using fruits, please take in mind that don’t use fruit that doesn't have thick peels like grapes or berries, use fruits that are able to stand up without withering, or browning in warmer temperatures.

Choose proper container for centerpiece
Transparent like glass vase or wine bottles will be good choice to hold flowers or fruits. They can give a direct view of all the natural materials. Cork, sand, pebbles, rice, et will also be great decoration for those bottles. You could even hang small crystals from the branches like ornaments. 

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