Swing the Cloud 2014 Summer Series from MagicFit

Every time when came across amazing wedding dresses, the first thing wake me up is how talented and  ingenuity those designers are. they create masterpieces of happiness more than just a dress for a special occasion. i think most of you (i mean ladies) may have watched a movie   "up in the air" because of the handsome George Clooney,  but the very first reason drew me to the movie is the name of it.  what a beautiful name, though the movie talk nothing about could thing, but i still remember the name deeply - up in the air. that's another reason makes me share the Swing the Cloud Wedding dresses in my blog. 

they are Haute Douture wedding dresses from a Chinese designer-Li Fei, i got all the following pictures from her official social pages, they are all amazing and fantastic. hope you will like them. 


Weddings are so exciting! The very moment I step into the wedding venue and upon hearing the wedding songs, geee it sends shiver to my spine! Maybe I’m just so inspired even to be giving the best wedding songs list to my friends. Whenever I attend weddings, I see to it I list down songs I hear and also tell them to those who are looking for the best suitable wedding songs aside from the couple’s own OST.
I was looking for more interesting wedding details to include in my pinterest board. Please allow me to pin some images from this blog. Thanks dear!
Best Wedding Songs

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