How Much I You Love Wearing Hair Wreaths & Tiaras On Your Wedding

It's been Quite a long time, i stopped writing the blog,   though i don;t think there were too many readers at begging, but i never stop doing something what im interested instead of woking full-time in a germany company. i ran an ETSY shop about artificial flowers, real touch flower. actually i;m also astonished when i  first get them and made a wedding bouquet for my friend, it was so reall. can't believed. but what i'm going to write today is not about a small, secret flora shop, but something i feel so obeesed in a wedding-Hair Wreaths & Tiara.

yes there were too many things you can do on brides hair, never be too mucm to make the bride glory.pearl, jewllery,flowers,updo,natural flowing hair. OK, just make you happy, do whatever you want to. yes, such a freestyle thoughts.

You see, so many choice, you even and DIY your own weeding wreath, it would be the one of your best memories of your wedding if some part of it was made by your own.  one if the reason i wrote this it that i foud so many lovely store on one of our main online shoppling website in china selling amazing wreath, when my friend and i was handling her wedding. as unsuall, i will share some picture, maybe can help you find a little sparkle when you doing your wedding wreath.


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